Lumberjacks’ festival
EVENTSLumberjacks’ festival
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French Lumberjacks' championships in Morzine 13th & 14th of July 2014

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Renseignements :

Lumberjacks’ festival: the French championships come to Morzine

From Sunday 13 July to Monday 14 July 2014
Come and see seriously strong athletes taking part in the ® TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES and marvel as they show their savoir-faire with wood!
They’ll be wielding axes, saws and chainsaws over the course of six challenges. A combination of strength, stamina and skill is the secret to success!

- 13 July: 2hr demonstration of the 6 disciplines.
- 14 July: 10am – 12pm: prize-draw, preparation of tournament wood, equipment testing…
from 1pm: tournament
Venue: Tourist Office square

3 axe challenges

- Springboard chop: a spectacular challenge: in this discipline competitors must stand on two springboards wedged into a vertically fixed trunk. The aim is to chop out a wooden block measuring 27 cm at the very top of the trunk.

- Standing Block Chop, an exercise in precision:  This challenge simulates felling a tree with an axe. A 30cm thick trunk is placed vertically and must be severed laterally as quickly as possible.

- Underhand Chop, an exercise in rapidity:  The challenge consists of splitting a felled tree.
Participants have to stand on a 32cm thick trunk fixed horizontally and split it as quickly as possible with an axe.

3 sawing challenges 

- Single Buck, a challenge to test the all mighty saw:  Challengers have to saw through a trunk measuring 46 cm across. The trunk is laid flat and cut with a 2 metre saw.

- Sthil Stock Saw, sawing with a chainsaw: After starting the chainsaw and laying it on the ground, challengers must pick it up and use it to cut a 40cm thick trunk as quickly as possibly once starters orders are given.

- Hot Saw, competition chainsawing: Using customised chainsaws, the aim is to cut three complete “cookies” within a 15cm area out of a horizontal trunk measuring 46cm thick as quickly as possible.

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